Assignment 4 - aka Exam!

Remember that the examination will NOT be based on you rote learning facts and figures. Either the exam will be 'open book'. However, this means that you will be assessed on your ability to apply psychological theory and practice in a teaching/learning context. In other words you'll have to 'think' beyond your memorisation brain cells.

I'm always amazed that folks make such a big deal about exams. Examiners are not 'out to get you'. They start from a position of assuming that you're worth 100%. You get marks taken away from this position through your actual offering. In other words examiners want to see the best in you, not the worst. Most examiners that I know will give you the benefit of the doubt.

Remember Weapons of Mass Destruction will not be tolerated so if you have any on your possession on the day of the exam, please bring it/them to the front and present them to the chief examiner for safe keeping during the examination.

More details can be found on lecture 7.

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