There are four assessments throughout the course, 3 assignments in the continuous assessment, and a final examination in all topics.

Assignment 1


due end wk 3

Assignment 2


due end wk 6

Assignment 3


due end wk 10



due wk 12

Assignment 1

Remember only worth 10% so here's the place to 'learn from one's mistakes'.

You are to construct a poster for a 'science fair' that will explain the different learning theories that psychologists…

Assignment 2

You will be designing a slide show along with presentation notes on what intelligence(s) is/are and the factors that are believed to influence a person's intelligence, and what this means for…

Assignment 3

An more formal essay complete with a reference section citing research (if necessary) which contrasts at least two descriptions of different teaching/learning environments.

The essay will highlight…

Assignment 4 - aka Exam!

Remember that the examination will NOT be based on you rote learning facts and figures. Either the exam will be 'open book'. However, this means that you will be assessed on your ability to apply…

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