The Lectures

This is a collection of the individual lectures that occurred throughout this course. Click on the lecture number to go to that individual page.

Lecture 1 - Intro & Overview

The Breadth of Educational Psychology

We spoke about what educational psychology is and explored ways in which educational psychology has an impact…

Lecture 2 - Learning

During the course of this lecture we covered 5 main psychological learning theories.

  1. S-R Theory
  2. Operant Learning
  3. Cognitive psychology in learning

Lecture 3 - Intelligence

This lecture is all about what psychologists make of intelligence and the implications that this has on teaching and learning pedagogies. We cover…

Lecture 4 - Learning Styles

This lecture considered more about the different learning styles that children have or display. Really this is a lecture that shows how learning…

Lecture 5 - Social Sphere of Influence

We spoke in this lecture about:

The Genetic Component on Intelligence

Really we presented this research in order to show that the greatest influence…

Lecture 6 - Assessment

In this lecture we spoke about the way psychological theory has impacted on how education assesses their students and pupils. During this lecture we…

Lecture 7 - Designing an (our) Exam

After the last lecture, I had a number of comments, both on the blog and in email, that suggests that the last lecture was conceptually difficult to…

Lecture 8 - Special Learners

Define Abnormality

Literally 'abnormal' means 'to be away from the statistical norm'

Kinds of Specialness

Intellectual abnormalities


Lecture 9 - Technology in Education

This lecture focussed more especially on the role that modern ICT has on teaching and learning activities.

The Wisdom of the Crowds

One of the…

Lecture 10 - Review Lecture

In this lecture we covered 4 questions that we asked in the very first lecture. I hoped that you guys might be able to work with the questions a bit…

Lecture 11 - Concrete Examples

In this lecture we covered concrete examples that the class gave to try and find out what psychological theories were being utilised. A number of you…

Lecture 12 - the final, final, final lecture

This lecture was very intimate, as there was only 5 of us in total. However, I think we still had some good insights for those that did attend. I'll…

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