Finished Marking & Assign2 Help

Folks, so sorry that it took me so long to finish your marking. This was no easy affair. I wanted to give as much feedback as possible.

I've posted all the feedback to you on email, assuming you sent me an email. There's about 6 of you still that haven't done so. I've sent the comments to be printed out with Sangita in the education office in the Samabula campus. It's also the place where I've dropped off your physical assignments if you gave me a physical assignment rather than an electronic one.

If you gave me an electronic poster, and you see highlighted text or a wee yellow call out dialogue box, it means that I've got a comment there. Hover over the highlighted text or wee 'balloon' icon and my comment should appear after a few moments. You can also double click it and it will appear.

So you want to resubmit?

Some of you (already?) have asked if you can resubmit your assignment in the hope of getting more marks. 

I'll make it really easy for you - no you can't.

I love that - after all we're doing in the course and some of you are still in what I would call the 'marks at all costs' mode. Remember that this assignment is only worth 10% of the total mark. Even if you got 0% that still means you've got 90 marks from which to obtain 50 points to get over the pass mark. Don't focus on the mark. Work on learning from this assignment and then gettting more marks in assignment 2.

Feedback and guidelines for Assignment 2

To this end, I've posted up two slide shows, although I've put them up in pdf format. Sorry they are large, I tried scrunching down the size but I'm still left with megabytes. If you cannot get it directly, maybe ask a class colleague who can, and put it on a USB memory stick for you.

  • The first shows you how the format of the assignment can be done as a slide show, but using the topic of assignment 1 (about 3MB). In other words there's a bit of revision there for you. I've posted it as a pdf so that you can see the comments that go with it.
  • The second is another file that I've posted both as pdf (about 800K), and as a powerpoint file, since many of you will be using it (about 6MB - sorry, that's powerpoint for you). 
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