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Practice makes perfect

Here's an interesting article reported by the TImes Online in March this year. It's a geneticist who's essentially saying that being a 'genius' is simply a matter of practice. Download from here.


Converting to pdf documents #2

Hi People, we're coming up on Assignment 3 to be handed in. I just wanted to say that I've found an even better way to convert to pdf documents (that's free) and doesn't involve those water marks, or…

Assign 2 Finished

Folks, I've handed back all the assignment 2s that I was given or handed in. If you feel like you haven't got yours please email me.

Although there is quite a bit of feedback in the document that I…

Lecture 9

OK, the last lecture (Technology and Education), is available from here.

Lecture 8 & other stuff incl. Exam date

Hi Folks,

Sorry, I've been too busy trying to catch up on all the marking and writing exam papers etc. Still haven't done assignment 2 will let you know asap.

In the meantime I've got Lecture 8 notes…

Assign 3 notes up

'Nuff said. Go here.

Lecture 6

Lecture 6 notes now available.

Lecture 5

Finished Marking & Assign2 Help

Folks, so sorry that it took me so long to finish your marking. This was no easy affair. I wanted to give as much feedback as possible.

I've posted all the feedback to you on email, assuming you sent…

Love Working with you folks!

One of the things that I'm really enjoying about doing this course, is that I'm 'teaching' or 'facilitating' about the psychology about 'teaching/learning' so that you as teachers/facilitators can…

Quick Housekeeping - Week 6

Hi Folks, most especially for those that couldn't make it yesterday (ahem!). Just some quick housekeeping stuff.

  • I'm still getting through your Assignment 1 feedback. I'm sorry but I'm overwhelmed by…

Catch up in Week 5

Hi folks, just a quick catch up and some housekeeping. Our first week in lower numbers, which might have been because of the aftermath of Hurricane Tomas.

Firstly your assignment 1. I'm still…

Lecture 3 available to download

Converting to PDF files

At least one of you has asked about how to convert from Microsoft Office products (eg Word) to a pdf format (required for assignment hand in). Here are two resources that allow you to do this and…

Psychology Texts available

Your colleague Kaylesh Chandra, forwarded me some electronic psychology texts that he's found interesting. I've had a very fast flick through them, so any comments that I make are based on a cursory…

Lecture 2 Notes available.

Lecture 2 notes available from here.

More on Poster Assignment

Folks, I know that designing a poster isn't what you're used to as an assessment. Later on in the course, you might be able to figure out why I did this (part of the authentic learning module). OK,…

Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman

Learning resources found

Your student colleague Jerry Wong has found a link that seems pretty useful for the week about learning. This is what he wrote to me about it:

Apart from that, searching the web I found a great site…

Assignment 1 Instruction Sheet

Folks, download the instruction sheet from here. Any questions get back to me.

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