Quick Housekeeping - Week 6

Hi Folks, most especially for those that couldn't make it yesterday (ahem!). Just some quick housekeeping stuff.

  • I'm still getting through your Assignment 1 feedback. I'm sorry but I'm overwhelmed by the number of posters I'm going through. Should be 'anyday now'. 
  • Since you haven't got your feedback from assignment 1 yet, I'd like to extend the deadline for your assignment 2 by another week. That means that instead of it being handed in on the 31st of March (latest), it can be handed in on the 7th April.
  • Finally, it was pointed out to me that next week is your mid-semester break. I apologise, I had no idea that you folks had a mid-semester break (boy I enjoy cracking that whip!) So clearly I will see you on the 7th of April anyway. Enjoy the break!
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