Catch up in Week 5

Hi folks, just a quick catch up and some housekeeping. Our first week in lower numbers, which might have been because of the aftermath of Hurricane Tomas. 

Firstly your assignment 1. I'm still working on it. Should be available realistically early next week. If you have a physical poster that you gave me, I'll be bringing it along in next week's lecture. You should have your feedback before then. 

Secondly, assignment 2 is now lurking around the corner. I've put more details up on the assignment 2 page. However, you can download the details directly from here

Finally I hope that the lecture notes for Week 5 will be available sometime soon. I've had one email stating that this was quite a difficult lecture to understand. I agree, there's a lot of pretty 'hard core' information there, I hope the lecture notes will help to clarify what I was ranting and frothing over. I'll let you know when the detailed notes are up and running.

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