Psychology Texts available

Your colleague Kaylesh Chandra, forwarded me some electronic psychology texts that he's found interesting. I've had a very fast flick through them, so any comments that I make are based on a cursory scan, ie don't necessarily take my word for it. 

Psychology - A self-teaching guide (1MB). 

This seems to be a sort of text book which covers very very basic facts in a very cursory way. Published in 2002, I'd only recommend this if you were not able to find anything else. The facts on the Psychology Wiki are more pertinent and up to date.

Psychologists & Their Theories (4.7MB)

This has the theories of Pavlov & Skinner (Behavioursim) and Bandura (Social Learning Theory), as well as Alfred Binet (IQ test inception). I think it's kind of heavy duty and again the Wikis on the web will be as informative.

Handbook of Psychology - Vol 7 Educational Psychology (7MB)

OK this is a large download. I tried to shrink it down but it's almost 700 pages. It's an edited book that IS relevant to the field of Educational Psychology (2003) which is not too much out of date. 24 chapters that are written by leaders in the field - for first year students, you have to be dedicated to really understand what they're writing about. About a third of the chapters are relevant to our course. 

Learning Theories - WikiBooks (1MB)

This does talk about some of the learning theories that we cover. This eBook seems to be focussed however, on the application of psychology theory in a business environment rather than a teaching/learning environment.

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