Converting to pdf documents #2

Hi People, we're coming up on Assignment 3 to be handed in. I just wanted to say that I've found an even better way to convert to pdf documents (that's free) and doesn't involve those water marks, or weird pictures that are sent (instead of smooth text). However, it involves you signing up to Google and getting an account there (which is free). 

Google has something called Google Docs, which is an online word processor and spreadsheet. It's fully functional and can do some very nifty things such as you can 'share' your document so that others that you want to invite to help write a document, can come and do so. It's sort of like a Wiki but in a word processing or spreadsheet format.

The word processor can import any word document that you've created on your hard drive. Now that it's here, you can go to the 'File' menu in Google docs and pull down to 'Download as'. It gives you a range of options to use including of course PDF - click on the graphic on the right to bring up a larger version to see what I mean. Easy - wish I'd known that before! At least you can use it for your Assignment 3.

If you're not keen to sign up to Google because of spam or you're worried that Google is eventually going to rule the world etc, just create a dummy account, ie one that doesn't use your real name and location, age, gender and so on.

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