Assign 2 Finished

Folks, I've handed back all the assignment 2s that I was given or handed in. If you feel like you haven't got yours please email me. 

Although there is quite a bit of feedback in the document that I sent you, I'm still a bit mystified in this assignment. 

Why most of you didn't respond very well to the instruction to look at the impact of the intelligence theories on educational practice. Sure on the web page it just says what are the implications of the theory in educational practice and nothing else but in the handout that you should have downloaded, it tells you that this component was worth 30% of the marks. Actually more than either of the other three components. Yet for most of you, it was the section that was answered the least. Why would one not concentrate on the highest loading of marks in an assignment?

For those that attempted it, it seems as if you felt that the assignment was asking you to explain how multiple intelligence theory could be applied in the classroom, but there is nothing in the instructions that said to do this. Had you simply explained that you were only going to focus on MI theory that would have been understandable but no one did. Why was that?

The determinants, was at its simplest - whether the intelligence theory ascribed the intelligence to 'nature' or 'nurture' or some combination thereof. Very few of you tried to explain about this for more than one theory (if at all). Why?

Many of you decided to ignore the advice given about how to lay out slides and instead filled it full of graphics, many of which were distorted in perspective and then in it being too pixelated ('jaggy edges'). Why when I specifically invited you not to do this?

If I have time, I'm going to construct a slide show on Assignment 2 to further illustrate what I was looking for. 

For assignment 3 then I invite you to look at the assignment instructions pretty carefully and from the assignment mark loading, decide what is the highest priority of effort you need to put into it. 

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