Lecture 9 - Technology in Education

This lecture focussed more especially on the role that modern ICT has on teaching and learning activities.

The Wisdom of the Crowds

One of the resources that you've been using in this lecture series has been Wikipdia. This is an encyclopedia that has been constructed with the help of many unpaid individuals. It is based on the idea of the "The Wisdom of the Crowds", which you can read about both here, and also here.

The Greatest technology

The greatest technology that has ever occurred is the development of reading and writing. 

Probably the next greatest technology is the printing press, that allows mass printing to occur, and at a relatively cheap price.

This lecture however will focus on relatively new technologies particularly those associated with information, communication technologies (ICT).

What ICT isn't

The role of modern ICT is not about 'nicer' or 'cleaner' content delivery. 

Education 2.0

Instead modern ICT is currently undergoing a revolution called 'Web 2.0' and this is believed to be a foundation for 'Education 2.0'. The change in Web 2.0 is about interactivity and making the publishing component of the internet more transparent (non-specialist) and cheaper too. Education 2.0 is about learning in, on and about processes. Education 1.0 might be considered the activity of acquiring knowledge (the traditional educational model).


Notes is available from here.

Lecture Postscript

At the end of the lecture, I showed two related videos from a 'digital anthropologist' Mike Wesch. Check it out.

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