Lecture 1 - Intro & Overview

The Breadth of Educational Psychology

We spoke about what educational psychology is and explored ways in which educational psychology has an impact on educational practice. Download the relevant white board graphic from here.

5 Questions relevant to teaching practice?

The class convened into small groups and spoke briefly about five questions and it's relevancy to teaching practice. Throughout this course, we'll be referring back to these questions in order that we can identify whether the information learned throughout the course, strengthens the positions taken, or possibly helps to alter them. The questions were:

  1. What is intelligence?
  2. Should Children be given corporal punishment or equivalent discipline for 'naughty' behaviour?
  3. Do our children in today's climate need to learn about Microsoft Windows in order to stay relevant?
  4. Should we 'mainstream' children with special needs?
  5. Is being a good student inbuilt, or is it something that is learned?

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