Lecture 4 - Learning Styles

This lecture considered more about the different learning styles that children have or display. Really this is a lecture that shows how learning theory as developed my psychologists, have been incorporated into practical educational contexts.

During the lecture we spoke about:

Multiple Intelligence Approaches

There is no 'multiple intelligence system' that identifies a particular school. Instead schools may adopt the theory of multiple inteligences in order to inform them about the curriculum or pedagogy that they use.

David Kolb Learning Styles

There are a number of theorists that have spoken about 'learning styles' but really it started with David Kolb.


A learning styles apporach that emphasises learners as having 'Visual', 'Audtitory', 'Reading', or 'Kinaesthetic' styles of learning.

Child Centred Educational Approaches

The following educational organisations are examples of schools that employ combinations of these 'larger' theories of learning such as multiple intelligence theory and learning styles.

Montesorri Schools

Developed my Maria Montessori an Italian educator who 'discovered' that children learn best when they are given opportunities to discover and learn through 'structured play'. The emphasis is on considering how the world looks to the child and then designing educational opportunities that the natural curiosities of children utilise.

Waldorf-Steiner Schools

An educational philosopher developed by Rudolf Steiner, who thought that children need to be given opportunities to fulfil their potential, and that the best way they can do this is to highlight not only their 'academic' work but also their creative and even 'spiritual' lives. Waldorf-Steiner schools are very inter-disciplinary.

Sudbury Schools

Child-centred education taken to it's extreme form.


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